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Will "Power" Duquette

Will Duquette currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his family living the life of his dreams. It was not always this way. Born in a small town in Massachusetts, he grew up in humble beginnings. While being blessed with a loving mother and two sisters, poverty was so much a part of their lives. Hand me downs and a real lack of many items most take for granted, including food, caused ridicule and laughter of other children.  Will’s own extended family used to say to him and all within earshot when he came over that “there’s the garbage man”. This kind of negative environment affected Will surfacing as anger as he grew up. He was never afraid to fight someone and used his need to protect himself from getting hurt as a reason to keep others at arms length.
Trading his educational years for physical labor and low wages, he realized he wanted something better.  He passed his GED and went off to three years of college to learn how to make it big in this world. During his third year of classes, a committee asked Will what he was thinking about declaring for his major. He responded truthfully and boldly “Whatever major would guarantee that I make a million dollars”.  Laughing and wishing him the best, the college staff sent him on his way.  Realizing the riches he desired were not waiting for him at the college, the yearning was bigger than ever.
Will began seeking advice from others he knew that had achieved financial prosperity in their lives. While working as a bartender in Jacksonville Florida, he met the mentor that would show him the way one evening. They were conducting a seminar in the hotel h
e was working at and Will listened in. He took the speaker up on his offer and went to his event to learn real estate investing to achieve the lifestyle he wanted. The speaker was talking about real estate and was quick to offer Will the chance he had been looking for to better his situation. Will jumped at the opportunity to learn the how-to’s of real estate investing. 
Soon after starting his real estate investing career, Will called in sick with walking pneumonia from his bartending job. His manager informed him that he needed to come in or he would be fired. This final push meant he had to make his dream become reality. Under the mentoring of this speaker, Will finally achieved the success he had been craving for so long.
Will has helped tens of thousands of people realize their dreams of running their own real estate business and owning real state as an investment.While training others in how to invest in real estate, Will realized a greater need from his students. He had seen many real estate investors that knew the how-to’s and were still not successful. He recognized that it was a lack of confidence and in some cases, deep-rooted subconscious fear and beliefs that held people back from achieving their goals. 
While instructing investors on real estate, he developed a program to teach them the true missing ingredient in their success: Mastering Themselves. He has since instructed tens of thousands of students on how to Shift their thinking from keeping themselves stopped and stuck while Programming Confidence into their lives. His events are some of the most powerful his students have ever attended with hundreds of testimonials. Understanding the need for mentorship and most of all knowing you deserve better, Will will make a commitment to you and himself to lead you to true wealth in all areas of your Life. As Will often says, “I am more committed to your success than even you are!”
There was a time when Will would walk in to Walmart and Kmart and dream of buying the most expensive things in the store. Since then, Will has become a successful investor closing millions of dollars in deals, a world class trainer, one of the most effective mentors in the U.S., a hypnotist and a tremendously effective personal development speaker. He has shared the stage and the spotlight with some of the most widely recognized business leaders, professional investors and speakers of our time. He now does whatever he wants when he wants because he realized an opportunity when it presented itself and took action!
Today, Will's business portfolio, accomplishments and interests are diverse but his passion to help others realize their true potential through personal development and real estate education remain his most important enterprises. Will is offering you the opportunity to become the person you want to become. Would now be the time for you to allow Will to transform you into the success you have always dreamed?