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  • learn to deal with the voices in your head
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  • perception excercise
  • personal growth and breakthrough
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • priority management
  • well balanced life
  • your business and life plan
  • marketing
  • four major profit centers of real estate
  • deal structuring and negotiations
  • meditation
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  Trance is a method to work on change in your subconscious mind that will affect multiple areas of your life.  Your subconscious mind controls many aspects in your life without you ever knowing it.  All of us have been hypnotized by the people in our life, usually our family, when we are younger.  These are the first persons that influence us and form many of our beliefs and fears.  Some of those beliefs and fears are helpful at one age and counter-productive later in life for us.  The challenge arises in that our conscious mind does not realize we have been programmed at a young age in a way that is not productive.  Other areas in our life have been formed by the habit of repeatedly performing the task.  It can be difficult to change a habit once it is formed.  These CDs assist you in getting what you want in your life by transforming non-productive habits into productive actions.

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