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Will Power Duquette
Join Will Duquette,
A Jacksonville-Local Investor with 17 years experience at the Next 2-Day

  Content Rich Training on Real Estate Investing!


At the Training You will Discover:


  • How To Have Your Phone Ringing With Leads While You’re At The Seminar!!
  • How To Quickly Build A Cash Buyers List
  • How To Talk To Sellers And Build Rapport Quickly and Easily.   
  • What To say and What NOT to say!
  • How To Analyze and Spot great Deals to Negotiate For Huge PROFIT$!
  • How To Sell Any House In 7 Days Or Less!
  • How To Find GREAT Deals Using Our Top 5 Marketing Strategies Working in this market!
  • How To Fund All Your Deals Without Ever Using Your Own Money Or Credit
  • How To Fill Out The Contracts To Keep You Safe And Never Lose Money (EVER!)
  • All the Contracts, Forms, Marketing Materials And Much, Much, More……!